oh you are my scar. (monosyllabicgrl) wrote,
oh you are my scar.

"leah's going to school to be a mexican"

the only thing about being a spanish major is that when you get to your upper level classes, EVERYTHING is in spanish: the text, the lectures, the instructions. i can't not pay attention to every little detail b/c i'll miss something important. and the native speakers in my classes think they're soooo great b/c they talk all fast and shit, which makes me wonder why they're in the class in the first place, but of course that was answered for me today when the professor was like, "yeah, los nativos don't know certain things blah blah blah". they just know how to talk muy rápido. there's one girl that's not mexican or latin american. she's from spain, and her accent is wonderful. they lisp their c's and z's so they sound like "th". i love it, reminding me of my eighth/ninth grade spanish teacher.
as much as i'd like to put off study abroad, i don't think i can much longer. i have like, four choices: chile, bolivia/perú, mexico, o españa.
decisiones decisiones.
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