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10:51pm 19/11/2007
What American accent do you have? (Best version so far)


You're not Northern, Southern, or Western, you're just plain -American-. Your national identity is more important than your local identity, because you don't really have a local identity. You might be from the region in that map, which is defined by this kind of accent, but you could easily not be. Or maybe you just moved around a lot growing up.

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reunion statesboro.
and i finally got to be there.
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10:33am 03/04/2007
  west coast, here i come!
well, in a year.

p.s. you ALWAYS want your friends around when they're NEVER around.
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hey hey hey.   
12:20pm 14/02/2007
  we have a mac. with a twenty-inch screen.
and it rocks all the way to pc-ville and smashes them all in the face.
"i'm why the coke factory has a bouncer"   
10:23am 25/01/2007
  by whatever means, i will contribute to making SHOWTY famous.  
01:32pm 16/01/2007
mood: nerdy
"drivers" in savannah:
a)never took driver's ed. nor were offered it.
b)failed their test more than once.
c)are too old to be on the road.

so the oldest city in the western hemisphere is now caral, dating back to 2627 BC.
peru. [and i want to go.]
the olmecs were supposedly the oldest, dating back to 1200 BC.
when i hear olmecs, i think of 'legends of the hidden temple'.

and it's warm enough to go to the beach.
i'll drive.
"leah's going to school to be a mexican"   
01:00pm 11/01/2007
  the only thing about being a spanish major is that when you get to your upper level classes, EVERYTHING is in spanish: the text, the lectures, the instructions. i can't not pay attention to every little detail b/c i'll miss something important. and the native speakers in my classes think they're soooo great b/c they talk all fast and shit, which makes me wonder why they're in the class in the first place, but of course that was answered for me today when the professor was like, "yeah, los nativos don't know certain things blah blah blah". they just know how to talk muy rápido. there's one girl that's not mexican or latin american. she's from spain, and her accent is wonderful. they lisp their c's and z's so they sound like "th". i love it, reminding me of my eighth/ninth grade spanish teacher.
as much as i'd like to put off study abroad, i don't think i can much longer. i have like, four choices: chile, bolivia/perú, mexico, o españa.
decisiones decisiones.
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fiesta de halloween:   
10:34am 27/10/2006
  so if you happen to show up at 190 stadium walk:
dress in costume and drink for free.
see a bathroom that malia is [almost?] afraid to take a piss in.
see leah's face b/c you haven't in forever.
drink for free.
and if you don't show up, you better call me and give me a good reason.
so basically, showing up to this party is kind of a demand......

today i feel lovely.   
12:50pm 20/09/2006
  weddings are fun only if your best friend is the bride and the booze flow is unlimited.  
12:22pm 06/09/2006
  i need cable so i can watch nip/tuck.  
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12:12pm 01/09/2006
  i think once the weather gets a little better [i.e. cooler/drier], i'm going to set up a trip to the hostel since no one else seems to take initiative anymore.
plus, i'm attempting this "making more decisions" thing b/c i'm supposedly way too passive/easy-going/lazy-minded.

the only good thing about armstrong is the campus. it's pretty to look at.
but i miss lectures where i can hide in the back amongst a group of two hundred.
and i miss los amigos.
ohhhh plus i have to pay to print something at the library. what gayness is that.

plus i miss liz vaughan sobre todas las cosas. la necesito conmigo.
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02:43pm 05/07/2006
  where do you get method products?
everyone i know in the atlanta [or surrounding areas] has method handsoap by their sinks, and all of them smell really really good. i want some of my own.
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04:14pm 23/05/2006
i'm glad i'm done with shitmart, but i might have to WILL kill a chinese woman before the summer is over.

i would really like to go to the beach. with people. anyone up for a sunday trip?
esther's parents invited dylan and me to swim at their pool this weekend. hahahaha..."esther will be there blah blah blah." sandra and jerry are so funny.

i love katie bigley so much.
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it's about that time...   
04:35pm 15/05/2006

let's go to the woodsCollapse )

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Your Friday Horoscope:   
12:12pm 05/05/2006
  You are starting to feel like yourself again. The stress from the past few days is not only over by early afternoon, it is all but forgotten by nightfall.

pretty dead-on.
this means that i will be too drunk tonight.
so call me!
it's time to go swimming.   
04:29pm 02/05/2006
  i think i have bad circulation in my right arm. it keeps falling asleep at random times; it feels ridden with arthritis or something. my hand is like the claw.

i'm missing the manfriend, but going nine hours without seeing him is a hell of a lot better than waiting nine weeks for a nigga to get out of basic.
i hope eric isn't getting yelled at too much by his drill instructor.

ummm...energy drinks are not my friend. and they don't help when you only get one hour of sleep.
fuck finals. i'm ready to party!
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this picture sums up everything about me.   
03:53pm 01/05/2006

so it seems that this weekend is ON. are we caravaning or what?
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attention, all my ladies:   
09:33pm 28/04/2006
  i demand a girls night some time in the near future. this includes you, katie bigley. and everyone who didn't go to school in charleston.
i haven't had an estrogen-fest in a while. give it to me!
liz vaughan time is really needed, but she doesn't pick up her damn cell box.

i'm scheduled to work during the lake trip. so if it's still on, fuck all you lucky motherfuckers [gently].
unless i con someone into working for me. this could happen.
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"it's only in drugs or death we'll see anything new, and death is just too controlling."   
09:57am 27/04/2006
  so there's a party at whitney greene's house tomorrow? shiiiiit. a good time before finals always seems to remedy the stress.

last night, i realized that i still have a thing for method man.
like doggy-style.
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03:48pm 11/04/2006
  where oh where is my precious liz vaughan?  
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12:48pm 21/03/2006
  spring break was nothing any of us expected, but all the fun we needed was had. and six of us have what dylan calls the 'hostel itch'.
the pictures to come will explain more.

jumping in the ocean in march is a good way to get sick.

my dad is having yet another back surgery today.
the good daughter wants to call to make sure everything goes okay.
the bad daughter wants to know if he's getting any good drugs. haha...